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A Library plays a vital role in the search of knowledge. It serves as the workshop for the entire college – students and faculty alike. Our library aims to support the teaching learning activity in the college and also provide the students updated knowledge and to ensure the optimum utilization of the available resources.

Sl No Category No of books available
1 Study and reference books 1583
2 Magazines 2
3 Newspapers 3
4 E-books

Rools & Regulations

  • Perfect silence should be observed in the library
  • U.G and P.G students will be issued 3 books each at a time.
  • Students can borrow and return books between 9.30 a. m. and 3.30 p.m. on all working days
  • Students can keep books for 15 days at a time.
  • Books should be returned on before the due date.
  • Library will be closed on Sundays and all Govt. Holidays.
  • Reference books, Magazines, journals and dailies cannot be taken out of the library and should not removed from their places.
  • Writing or underlining in a book or tampering with a book in any manner is strictly prohibited.