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College Alumni

College Alumni

Dear CAS Alumni, Heartiest greetings from IHRD College Of Applied Science Marayoor. We feel the inherent bonding which we all have towards our own institute. It gives us immense pleasure to invite you on the campus to interact with the students and the faculty members

The Alumni Cell of CAS has been functioning at the Institute. The primary aim of the cell is to maintain the relationship between the Institute and its alumni by sharing the development and growth of the institute.

Towards that end, here are some ways that you can stay engaged with us in varying levels of involvement:

  • Stay connected Keep us updated on your whereabouts after you have left CAS.
  • Take part It has been a tradition that the alumni employed in different organizations in India help the final year students in their project work and guide them about the latest technology and the employment opportunities in the organizations concerned.
  • Volunteer Step up to help organize an event or contribute your time for a specific cause or project. As part of the workforce, offer to take CAS students as interns or even a job if they meet your criteria. This will certainly help our students get real-world experience and find employment, respectively.