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College Union

College Union

College of applied science encourages students’ participation in healthy politics, for their overall development as responsible citizens. The college follows the presidential mode of elections. The students’ union is a representative body for all the students of College of applied science. It works towards improving the quality of student experience in the college. The students’ union represents the interests and perspectives of the students at the different levels of decision making in the institution.

The college has permitted the activities of only those student organizations recognized by the management for the academic year 2019-2020.

The student union activities are led by student representatives elected to the following offices:

Staff Advisor R Sheeba Magline Christina (Dept of English)
Chairman Abinash J
Vice Chairperson Sandhya P
General Secretary Sakthivel K
University Union Councilor (1) Manikandan R
Arts Club Secretary Narmatha M
Magazine Editor Madasamy S
Lady Representatives (1) Devika K
Lady Representatives (2) Priyadarshini A
First Year Representative Monish Kumar M
Second Year Representative Harish S
Third Year Representative Ajay M

A representative from the teaching faculty serves as Staff Advisor to the College Union. The magazine committee and the arts club also have staff advisors to ensuring their smooth functioning. The financial matters of the union are overseen by a staff representative who serves as the treasurer of the union.

Activities of the College Union.
  • College Arts festival
  • College Sports festival
  • College Day Celebration
  • Clubs – Various literary and social clubs