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College of Applied Science Marayoor, Kanthalloor

The College of Applied Science Marayoor-Kanthalloor was established in 2010 with regular courses BSc. Computer Sciences, B.Com (CA) and B.Com (Taxation). And Bsc Electronics. And now extended to postgraduation courses including Msc Computer science and MCom Finance and Taxation.The Marayoor-Kanthalloor region is one of the socially and culturally backward areas in Kerala. The majority of the people in the area speak Tamil, including tribal, plantation workers and migrant farmers. The higher education initiative was introduced to facilitate the upliftment of these communities.


Vision is to uplift the society through technological development


* Support graduate and Post graduate level programmes in an environment-friendly campus
* Provide advanced technical experts through the development of soft skills.
* Support skill development to meet modern global demands
* Support women empowerment through training


Strength through knowledge

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The Department of Computer Science started in the year 2010 with a BSc Computer Science. The Department of Computer Science offers high quality under-graduate teaching in the major areas ...


The Dept. of commerce was started with the mission and vision of imparting quality commerce education to the students, to make them full -fledged business and finance professionals.


The Department of Electronics started in the year 2010 with a B.Sc.Electronics.B.Sc.Electronics is a three year technical undergraduate programme that comprises the study of electronic devices, ...


Arts & Sports

Sports play a pivotal role in shaping one’s personality and maintaining good health. We’ve specially developed a sports ...


National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme is a student – centered programme and it is complementary to education. It is a noble ...


Parents & Teachers Association

Parent Teacher Association of the College is an active body giving constant support in all the ventures of the college in academic, ...