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Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

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About‌ ‌the‌ ‌Department

The Department of Computer Science started in the year 2010 with a BSc Computer Science. The Department of Computer Science offers high quality under-graduate teaching in the major areas of Computer Science. The discipline of computer science pertains to the study and design of computer systems, hardware and software, computing techniques and underlying theory. Our program provides a student with a broad technical background in computer science. It is a flexible program providing breadth and permitting a student to develop strengths in selected areas within Computer Science. The Department of computer science upgraded by introducing Post graduate Course MSc Computer Science in the year 2020. The department is well established with experienced and dedicated faculties, well organized library and well equipped lab with high speed internet facilities.

Infrastructural Facilities

  • Wifi enabled Computer Laboratory: The departmental Computer Laboratory provides up-to-date computers and necessary software for the programmes. Hardware and Software Laboratories and Internet service are available during college hours for students.
  • Departmental Library: In addition to the Central Library the department has a seminar library which provides specialized books on Computer Science for the students.

Courses Offered

  • The department offers Graduate programme in Computer Science under Choice Based Credit System
  • Three Years (six semesters) undergraduate course affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University.
  • The Department was elevated to the status of PG department when the M.Sc. Course begin in the year 2020.
  • Two Years (four semesters) postgraduate course affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University.

Faculty Details


Padmavathy S

Asst. Prof (HOD)


Asst. Prof (HOD)

Anjitha S

Asst. Prof (HOD)

Victor Decouth

Asst. Prof (HOD)

Special Activities

  • Educational Tour: To provide exposure to the students and motivate them to nurture their academic interest.
  • Fresher’s welcome: Fresher’s welcome is organized by students every year.
  • Student seminar: Student seminar is conducted in every academic session on diverse topics of Computer Science/ Information Technology.
  • CCA: Students are involved in various co-curricular activities like Quiz contest, Re-union, Wall Magazine.
  • Teachers’ Day Celebration: Every year Teachers’ Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm by students of the department

Top Scorers

Sl No Name Year Percentage of Marks
1 ANJITHA S 2010-2013 83%
2 LINITHA PAUL 2011-2014 91%
3 AJIMOL S 2012-2015 82%
4 SREEDEVI B 2013-2016 80%
5 RADHIKA M 2014-2017 86%
6 KEERTHANA R 2015-2018 84%
7 RENUKA M 2016-2019 82%
8 KALIAMMA M 2017-2020 87%


  • Mr. Prasanth working in Exercise Department, Marayoor
  • Mrs. Lintha Paul working in Police Department, Marayoor.
  • Mr. Reneesh Working as a Software Engineer in MNC
  • Mr. Ajeesh working in
  • Mrs. Anjitha working as a Lecturer in CAS Kanthalloor.