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About Us

About Us History

The vision of Devikulam MLA Shri S. Rajendran to establish an educational institution for the betterment of the coming generations and all sections of the society including the tribal community made the college in the area a reality.

Despite the financial difficulties, with much help from the government, MG University and Kanthalloor panchayat the college started functioning with three courses : BSc Electronics , BSc Computer Science & BCom Computer Application.

The infrastructure of the college, including buildings, classrooms, college bus, electricity, furniture etc., was improved gradually over the years. The involvement of Shri S. Rajendran was crucial at every step of the development of the college. The institute has been renamed as Anchunadu College of Applied Science as per the directions of the MLA and the committee.

In addition to the existing courses, a course called B.Com (Taxes) has also been sanctioned.

Most of the students studying here are from the Munnar Estate area. The students who study in the college are the ones who work for wages during the holidays and evenings, carrying the expenses of their education and the family. Although they come from limited circumstances, they all have a service attitude. To nurture this, the college has formed an NSS unit for upliftment and participates in Nature Camp, Special (Camp Backward Village Awareness Programs, Pulse Polio Distribution, Prevention of Infectious Diseases, Blood Donation to Patients etc.

In addition there are Red Ribbon Club, Nature Club, Women's Cell ,Antidrug Club and gender equality club are functioning here. Every year, Arts and Sports competitions and College Day are held under the auspices of the College Union.

Most of the students completed their studies belong to SC/ST